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0.2 ml 8-strip PCR Tubes and 8-strip optically clear, flat Caps

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0.2 ml



Cap Type

Optically clear for qPCR

  • 0.2 ml 8-strip PCR Tubes and 8-strip Caps.
  • Clear Tubes.
  • Optically clear, flat Caps.
  • RNase/DNase/Human DNA free.
  • Non-pyrogenic.


0.2 ml 8-strip PCR Tubes and 8-strip optically clear, flat Caps.

  • Thin wall design for efficient heat transfer
  • Optically clear, flat Caps for real-time PCR
  • Secure cap fit ensures minimum evaporation
  • Manufactured with medical-grade polypropylene
  • Exceptional clarity for optimum real-time PCR/qPCR results
  • Compatible with a variety of real-time instruments that take 0.2ml 8-strip Tubes
  • Certified DNase/RNase/Human DNA free. Non-pyrogenic.
  • Caps available in a variety of styles: frosted flat cap, optically clear flat cap, or optically clear cap with recessed window

Compatible Instruments

AriaMx, Strategene Robocycler Gradient

Thermo Scientific:
Arktik, Px2 / PxE

C1000, CFX Touch Deep Well, Chromo4, iCycler, iQ 5, MiniOpticon, MJ Mini, MyCycler, MyiQ, MyiQ2, PTC-100, PTC-200, S1000, T100

Bibby Scientific (Techne):
Flexigene, Genius, Genius (TC412), Prime, Prime Elite, PrimeG, TC-4000, TC-5000, TC-PLUS, Touchgene Gradient (TC512), Touchgene X

Gene Technologies:
GS1, GS4

Mastercycler, Mastercycler ep, Mastercycler Nexus, Mastercycler PRO/S

Primus 96

Applied Biosystems:
Quantstudio 1, Quantstudio 3, Quantstudio 5, Quantstudio 6

Analytik Jena:
T1, TGradient, TProfessional/Basic, TRobot

T1 Thermocycler, TGradient/TAdvanced, TProfessional, TRobot