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Experience the Novas Bio difference.

We are innovators. Our R&D team is continuously designing next generation products and enhancements. We are perfectionists. We put thought and detail into everything we do from support to packaging to product performance. We value hard work and we do not take shortcuts.

Highest quality raw materials going in create the highest quality products going out. We use the finest medical grade polypropylene free from animal derivatives, and certified free from DNase, RNase and Human DNA.

PCR plastics demand a higher level of competence in product design and manufacturing implementation than most other consumables used in life science research. The PCR process itself involves the rapid heating and cooling of these plastics and their precious DNA content. To achieve, this all PCR plastics must be designed with optimal wall thickness that is consistent across the product to allow for the most efficient and even thermal transfer. Experience the difference in your research with our products.