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0.1 ml Low profile 8-strip Tubes and 8-strip Caps. Clear Tubes with optically clear, flat Caps.

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0.1 ml



Cap Type

Optically clear for qPCR

  • 0.1 ml 8-strip Tubes and 8-strip Caps.
  • Clear Tubes.
  • Optically clear, flat Caps.
  • RNase/DNase/Human DNA free.
  • Non-pyrogenic.


0.1 ml Low profile 8-strip Tubes and 8-strip optically clear, flat Caps.

  • Thin wall design for efficient heat transfer
  • Optically clear, flat Caps for real-time PCR
  • Secure cap fit ensures minimum evaporation
  • Exceptional clarity for optimum real-time PCR/qPCR results
  • Manufactured with medical-grade polypropylene
  • Certified DNase/RNase/Human DNA free. Non-pyrogenic.
  • Designed to fit Bio-Rad® CFX systems
  • Compatible with ABI® Fast systems
  • Compatible with a variety of real-time instruments that take 0.1 ml 8-strip Tubes
  • Available in white:

Compatible Instruments

Applied Biosystems:
7500(Fast), 7900HT, 9700, 9800 Fast, Quantstudio 12K, Quantstudio 3, Quantstudio 5, Quantstudio 6, Quantstudio 7, Quantstudio ViiA7, Step One Plus, Veriti, Veriti Fast

CFX Connect, CFX Opus 384, CFX Opus 96, CFX Touch Deep Well

Light Cycler 480, Light Cycler 96