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Our Story

Nova is a shortening of nova stella (“new star”). It is the feminine nominative singular of the Latin novus (“new”). The feminine is used since stella (“star”) is feminine. (Source

And so, we summarize ourselves as a New Star derived from novus meaning ‘new’ because such stars were thought to be newly formed. Novas Bio is a new, young company born in 2020, out of the unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic. Like a nova star, our newness is in our formation only. Our founder and visionary also founded one of most well-respected PCR consumable manufacturing companies in the world known for its quality and innovation.

Novas Bio was formed many months after we began connecting long-time friends with advice and the consumables they needed. As we did this an identifiable rift was presenting itself to us over and over. It was a given that the supply chain could not keep up with demand. But what we couldn’t comprehend was why the supply that was available was only being offered to certain parts of the world. Certain other parts of the world were entirely abandoned. From this Novas Bio was formed with the philosophy of bringing the human aspect first to business.


Bringing experience and newness together, Novas Bio embodies innovation and speed as well as quality and know-how all in one. Our personal guarantee stands behind our products. If our products fail to bring you joy in your research please contact us.


To ALWAYS support every customer, big or small, near or far, with the lab consumables they require. To ALWAYS invest in R&D in order to anticipate and provide for the needs of researchers and scientists before they encounter gaps.


To build relationships with our customers and partners that go beyond product design and performance and bring the human aspect into business first.