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0.2ml Individual PCR Tubes

0.2 mL PCR individual PCR Tubes

0.2ml Individual PCR Tubes
All of our PCR tubes are made from medical-grade polypropylene. Our indvidual 0.2 mL PCR tubes are designed and molded to provide consistent, uniform heat transfer during standard and real-time qPCR.

Our PCR tubes are compatible with both standard thermal cyclers and real-time qPCR instruments. The tubes are designed and injection molded with consistent wall thickness to withstand the high temperatures and rapid temperature changes required for the PCR reaction, as well as provide consistent results from run to run.

PCR individual tubes are preferred over PCR plates in certain situations when the number of samples for amplification per run is small. They are also convenient for storage, as individual tubes can be easily removed or replaced as needed.

Offered in two varieties of cap styles for standard and real-time qPCR, respectively:

  • Flat frosted caps that can be written
  • Optically clear flat caps with recessed windows
0.2 mL PCR individual PCR Tubes
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Image: PCR-02F
Sku: PCR-02F-1000
0.2 ml Individual PCR Tube with Attached Frosted Flat Cap for Writing
1000 Tubes, Sample pack
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Image: PCR-02Q
Sku: PCR-02Q-1000
0.2 ml PCR Tube with attached Cap. Optically clear, flat Cap with recessed window for qPCR.
1000 Tubes, Sample pack
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