96-Well Sequencing Mat for ABI Systems, Non- Sterile, Autoclavable (Sample Pack)

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Well Style

Round Wells

96-Well Sequencing Mat for ABI Systems, Non- Sterile, Autoclavable.

Novas Bio Silicone Sealing mats are designed for high throughput screening and storage applications. Made of research-grade silicone, these Mats can be autoclaved, and following a bleach wash and ethanol rinse protocol, they can also be reused. Silicone Sealing Mats, pierceable and self-sealing, are ideal for automated processes and can also be used in subzero environments.

  • For 96-well PCR Plate for ABI Systems
  • Ideal for high-throughput screening and storage applications
  • Pierceable, self-sealing design is ideal for automated processes
  • Research-grade Silicone provides superior resealing, even after repeated injections
  • Re-useable after bleach wash and ethanol rinse protocol
  • Suitable for usage in subzero temperature applications
  • Autoclavable


Certified DNase and RNase free. Non-pyrogenic.