Sealing Films

Novas Bio offers self-adhesive sealing films and foils for a variety of needs: plate sealing during PCR and Real-Time PCR to prevent evaporation, plate storage, and plate shipment. Our seals will fit standard SBS footprint plates in 96-well, 384-well, or 1536-well format.

We use an applications-based approach to develop our seals, such that materials, properties, and adhesive compositions ensure that our seals are tailored to optimize performance for the intended laboratory application. We have seals for storage, standard PCR, and Real-time PCR.

Superior quality films, uniform, consistently-applied adhesive, pressure sensitive seals that do not require heat sealing in order to avoid damage to sensitive samples.

Two end tabs for easy and accurate positioning on the microplate, removable end-tab backing for secure sealing around ends of plate, perforated end-tabs (unless otherwise noted) for removal if necessary and to prevent interference with automation equipment.

Packaged in white cardboard boxes for easy storage, with resealable polymer bags inside for protection from particulates and extended shelf life.

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