Novas Bio Deep Well Plates have excellent chemical resistance and are used in a variety of applications including sample collection, in-vitro growth chambers and long-term storage of valuable biological materials. The Plates are manufactured with 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene and are available in 1.1 ml and 2.0 ml capacities in a variety of different styles, all in a standard SBS footprint. Options include: V-Bottom with Square Wells, U-Bottom with Square Wells, and U-Bottom with Round Wells. The ‘V-Bottom’ is designed for optimum efficiency, allowing the pipettor to maximize retrieval of sample volume. The Plates can withstand centrifugation up to 4,000 RCF and can be used in extreme temperature environments down to -80°C. All Novas Bio Deep Well Plates are autoclavable and stackable, they are indexed alphanumerically for easy sample identification. The ultra-flat surface of the Plates ensure an optimum seal when used with sealing films and mats.

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