PCR Consumables

Bio-Rad Consumables

Highest quality low profile 8-strip tubes designed especially for the Bio-rad CFX, however, works equally well on other real time instruments using low profile 0.2ml or 0.1ml 8-strip tubes. Available in Clear and White with optically clear caps.

PCR Consumables


Highest quality 4-strip PCR tubes and caps designed especially for the Rotor-Gene® Q 72-well rotor. Highest performance on the market with less than 2% evaporation. 0.2ml PCR tubes also available for use with the 36-well rotor on the Rotor-Gene® Q.

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Our Covid Response

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. At Novas Bio, we continue meeting your needs for PCR consumables. Every customer is our priority right now, big or small, if we can ship to you we will serve you. If you are involved in COVID-19 research, please reach out to us at support@novasbio.com for discounted pricing.

Our R&D team is continuously researching next generation PCR needs. If you have unmet consumable needs in your work against COVID-19 let us know.